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i-phone case made from Nishijin textile in Kyoto Japan!

i phone is wearing Beautiful Kimono in Kyoto!

Nishijin textile in Kyoto

How beautiful they are!!

It’s made of silk textile for Obi (sash) of Kimono. Gold strings are also used.

Although the number of the people who wears Kimono in Japan is getting less nowadays, they had created the NEW product using Nishijin textile in Kyoto.

These i-phone case is now becoming very popular in Japan, many tourists from north and south visit the shop 富坂(tomisaka).


What’s Nishijin textile?


Kimono in Kyoto

Nishijin is one of the most famous and gorgeous textile in Japan.

The name has the origin in 1467, when the big war “O-nin” happened in Kyoto. The west army placed their encampment around north-west Kyoto city.

Nishi means west, Jin means encampment.

Nishijin textile in Kyoto

Its technique is not simple, so the craftsmen can create the detail patterns.





Hand craft class of Japanese purse with a metal clasp is also available.


purse making kyoto nishijin textile

Gamaguchi is Japanese pretty purse for coins.

They have the class of making this pretty purse by yourselves!

Japanese purse making class

Handmade Gamaguchi purse Experience: 2000yen per person




NIshijin textile Kyoto