Tea Ceremony Koto/ Kimono & Tea ceremony A1 minute walk from Golden Pavilion. Authentic Tea Ceremony in Kyoto.

Best Kimono wearing experience in Kyoto! Miyabiyuki

Wear to go for experience Kimono wearing in Kyoto?

“Emondo” Miyabi Yuki is a nonprofit organization working to preserve and promote kimono culture in Japan and abroad!

”Emon” means kimono or traditional clothes. Hearing this traditional Japanese word, we often imagin Junihitoe, the most formal clothes for the moble ladies. ”Do-” means “the way”. It’s same as Cha-do(tea ceremony), Ka-do (Ikebana), or “Sho-do” (calligraphy).

The professional staff with high quality skills are here. You can wear not only the ordinary kimono, but also the formal kimono for wedding or the traditional clothing called “Junihitoe” !




The high quality skills & kimono!!


How beautiful and gorgeous they are!

They seem much more beautiful than ever wearing traditional kimono.

Since Emondo Miyabiyuki is in the same building with the kimono school where we can learn how to wear kimono, it is staffed by really professionals.

I think it’s precious chance that we can wear not only casual kimono, but also the formal kimono for wedding such as “Uchikake” for ladies and “Hakama” for men. In addition, “Junihitoe”, the traditional clothing the noble ladies in the imperial palace had been wearing over 1000 years ago. Even now, it is the most formal clothing that noble family and emperor wear for their Japanese wedding.

I highly recommend Miyabiyuki if you would like to wear high quality kimono.

The BEST 3 plans for kimono in Miyabiyuki


I would like to introduce 3 BEST plans of Miyabiyuki!

Please reserve at least 3 days in advance for these 3 plans!

*Plan①and② might be available for the reservation on the day of. Please e-mail or phone call if you would like to experience today.


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①Kimono or Yukata experience (Inside of outside walking)


This plans is  highly recommended by staffs.

Let’s go for a walk to temples & shrines in Kyoto wearing pretty kimono or yukata!

kimono experience Kyoto


*This price does not include the hair set.

Ladies: 3,000yen   Men :4,000円 (Tax NOT included)

(The deadline to return Kimono)

Daytime plan 9:00~18:00 

Night plan is 16:00~17:30. Please return from 10:00 to 12:00 on the next day. 

kimono experience Kyoto


Reception→Choose your kimono →the staff dress you kimono

→Let’s go sightseeing outside→return the kimono

In summer, yukata is cooler and lighter.

kimono experience Kyoto




②Junihitoe (traditional clothing)  【Populer NO1



Wearing traditional clothing called “Junihitoe”, which had been wore over 1000 years ago, you can learn the elegant movement and experience the traditional play using shells of clam.

It’s the NO1 popular experience in Miyabiyuki. I’m sure you can feel the history and traditional culture of Kyoto, the old capital of Japan.

Price: 15,000 yen(Male & Female)(tax NOT included)

Price includes wearing Junihitoe, taking a photo, the explanation, experience of the traditional play using shells, and you can learn the elegant movement of Kimono.



Reception→wearing Junihitoe→traditional play using shells (kaiawase) & learning the elegant movement of kimono→Take a photo→Take off Junihitoe





③Formal Kimono for the wedding “Uchikake”(Popular №2!)


Let’s wear Japanese traditional kimono for the wedding. “Uchikake” is often wore for the second cloth for the bride in the wedding ceremony after the most formal white kimono (shiromuku).

It’s really gorgeous and beautiful, so this plan is the popular NO.2 among Kyoto sightseeing in Miyabiyuki.

Men also can wear the formal “hakama”, Japanese trousers in this plan.

Price: 12,800 yen~ (tax NOT included)

The price includes wearing kimono, Japanese style wig, taking a photo.


He is a perfect formal samurai!





Reception→wearing kimono→Taking a photo→take off kimono 


☆Get the coupon ticket!Coupon

*Please show the Coupon or tell them you  have read the article of “Tea Ceremony Koto”.


Let’s enjoy wearing Junihitoe & Kimono for Kyoto sightseeing !


Address:  〒604-8272    807 Tsukinuke-cho Kamanza-dori Sanjyo-agaru Nakagyo-ku Kyoto city

(京都市中京区釜座通三条上ル突抜町807 )

Email: (recommended) info@miyabi-yuki.jp

TEL 075-254-8883

Business hour: 9:00~18:00

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