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KOTO Organic & Ceremonial Matcha

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Tea Ceremony KOTO has just released Organic & Ceremonial Matcha


We Tea Ceremony KOTO has just released the our own brand of Matcha.
We use them in our lesson and started selling online as well.


Organic 100% × Natural Sweetness

Q,What does the “ceremonial” means?
A, It means it’s suitable to use for Japanese tea ceremony, where we have to use sweeter matcha
because we don’t add any sugar or milk in the traditional way.



What’s the health benefit of matcha tea?

KOTO’s matcha is made of 100% organic tea leaves in Uji Kyoto, which is the Best place for matcha.
It contains caffeine, tannin, Theanin, vitamins, and polyphenol etc.




1,Matcha make you feel relaxed.

Matcha is famous for “Theanin”, which makes α-wave leading us relaxed state.
It is said theanin is effective to improve your sleep quality, memory quality, and the ability to concentrate.
If you would like to concentrate on studying or working, I really recommend Matcha.



2,Good for your skin & beauty

Matchca contains 4 -7 times more Vitamin C than Oranges!
Organic matcha will help you to keep your skin beautiful.


3, Effective for Deodorization 

Japanese green tea

Vitamins and catechins are very effective for deodorization.
That’s why we have to keep matcha in the package or cans if we put them in the fridge.


Please note it contains caffeine as well.

On the other hand,  it also contains caffeine, which increases brain activity, alertness, attention, and energy.
Maybe it’s better to drink proper amount (1.5-2g for one bowl) in the morning since it sometimes keep you awake.


The history of matcha

We Japanese can’t talk marcha without Tea Ceremony.
It’s originally used for traditional tea ceremony in Japan.
We tea master know how to make delicious matcha.
Actually, the taste will be changed how you whisk, temperature of the water, and amount or tea you use.


★★★Special Present from a Japanese tea master★★★

We will send a link of the movie “how to make delicious macha?” if you buy from here.

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