Tea Ceremony Koto/ Kimono & Tea ceremony A1 minute walk from Golden Pavilion. Authentic Tea Ceremony in Kyoto.

Shared tea ceremony (45min)

The quality of powdered green tea is made by Ippodo tea shop and you can experience real Japanese tea ceremony in that you can drink tea that a host makes and also tea you make by yourselves.

The main stream of Kyoto’s English tea ceremony is that a host will make tea as a demonstration and then customers will tea by themselves. However, in the real tea ceremony, it is impossible for customers to make tea by themselves. Also, the taste of tea changes depending on how you make tea. In our plan, you can have tea that a host makes and the one that you make as well. Additionally, you can experience the real tea ceremony.

Japanese cookie (dried sweet) is included in this course.


*You can add kimono wearing for this course. 


*Seating capacity is approximately 10 in the highest season. In the end of March-April and New Year Holiday, sometimes it will be 12 people maximum.


Adults 2,700 yen/person

Children 6-12 years old 1,620 yen/person

*If you add Kimono wearing, additional fee is 3000yen per person.

Time schedule

A. 11:45~12:30
B. 13:00~13:45
C. 14:15~15:00
D. 15:30~16:15
E. 16:45~17:30


For Who?

You would like to have tea ceremony experience in small number of people.

Not only watching the demonstration, but also you would like to join the authentic tea ceremony as a guest.

You would like to learn the proper way of joining tea ceremony as a guest, more than just turning the tea bowl twice.

You would like to see and use the beautiful tea utensils which represents each season.