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The Unique Japanese calligraphy “Kantei-ryu” lesson in Kyoto.

The Unique Japanese calligraphy “Kantei-ryu” lesson in Kyoto.

We have started the lesson of unique Japanese calligraphy lesson called “Kantei-ryu” !

In other words, it is “the letter of Kabuki”, which is the traditional theater of Japan.

“Kantei “is the name of the founder of this unique writing in Edo period(1779) , and “ryu” means ” the way of・・・” .

It’s more like “ink painting” more than calligraphy, but still traditional way inherited since Edo period (1779~).

What’t Kantei ryu?

Japanese unique calligraphy

The history of “Kantei-ryu” have started sine 1779, when one of the Kabuki theater “Nakamura” had been suffering from the less audience.

*Just in case….Kabuki is Japanese traditional theater, one of the Important Intangible Cultural Properties in Japan.

kabuki theaterKabuki Theater Nakamura ordered the master of calligraphy to make a sign board to attract customers, since there were no internet or TV in those days.

Master Kanroku created the fantastic board, so “Kantei ryu” came from his name Kanroku.

Because of his great work, theater Nakamura got a lot of audience.

Even know his way of writing has been used for Kabuki theaters in Japan.

For example, we can see many name plated of Kabuki actors are displayed in front of the Kabuki theater Minamiza Kyoto in every December. The letters are all written in Kantei-ryu.



Is it different from Japanese Calligraphy?


Japanese unique calligraphy

At first glance, it seems like just printing, but all written by hand!!

This style is created by the Calligraphy master, but too unique to say Japanese calligraphy.

It’ more like “ink painting”.

Of course, the way of writing is also different from ordinary one.

・We don’t need to use traditional Japanese paper for the practice. You can use the ordinary paper in your country. 
・Need to write the frame of each letters at the beginning. 
・Don’t stand the writing brush, but sliding on the paper. 

They don’t make ink bleed or slight touching.


kabuki calligraphy

This way of writing represents the warm wish for Good luck and ”Fully booked”  for theaters of shops.

To welcome the audience, they don’t make the brush out side of the frame, but inside of letters.




Master. Zarefude , Kantei-ryu


Japanese unique calligraphy

He has 10 years experience since he had started “kantei-ryu” writing.
He has been learning ordinary Sho-do, Japanese calligraphy since he was a child, but had a rest for 7 years.
After graduating the university, he had met “Kantei-ryu” unique writing, and decided to learn it. 
He visited his master many times since the master said “Learn by watching, more than my teaching.”
Now he wishes not only Japanese but also foreign people to know this unique interesting way of writing, 
which is often said “more like drawing than bush writing”. 

★Please reserve from here (Every Sunday 13:00-14:00)




Kantei-ryu Japanese calligraphy lesson on Thursday


Japanese unique calligraphy

↑You can complete this in the lesson.


〇Date:Every Thursday 10AM- 11:30AM

〇Price: 4000yen ( including tax)

〇Place: Koto Culture Salon


★Please reserve from here

We have tea ceremony lesson from 11:45 in the same building. 


Japanese unique calligraphy


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