Kyoto Sightseeing/Kimono【Tea Ceremony Experience KOTO】

Kyoto Sightseeing/Kimono【Tea Ceremony Experience KOTO】

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Hands-on Gold leaf experience near Golden Pavilion in Kyoto Japan!

Hands-on Gold leaf experience near Golden Pavilion in Kyoto Japan!

We will have the special workshop of Gold leaf in May 6th & 7th at KOTO culture salon (2nd floor of Tea Ceremony Koto).

You can make a plate with a Gold leaf. This technique is same as the building of Golden Pavilion (Kinkakuji temple), one of the world heritage site in Kyoto Japan.

It will be lectured by a craft man with National qualification, Shin Wakuda.



After the strict practicing, they can be a Craft man


s_gold plate2

Shin ans his father are both craft men of Gold leaf with National qualification.

After the long practicing, they finally can be a craft men.

Unfortunately, people who has such special techniques are becoming less in Japan because of the shortage of demand nowadays.

I imagine much more cheaper plates and kitchen ware are available recently, so many of traditional craft work are disappearing.

It’s same as Kimono, Japanese traditional clothes. We can often find some tourists wearing kimono in Kyoto, but the material for lent is usually not silk.

Although we try to use silk sash (obi) for Kimono experience here as much as possible…

the number of craft men for weaving are getting less and less in Nishijin Kyoto.

I wish I could help them a little.  If we experience how to make it , we can notice its beauty or interesting arts.




Let’s make a plate with Gold leaf near Golden Pavilion!!


s_gold plate1

First, put tapes on the plate. You can make your original pattern!

s_gold plate3

This pattern is also nice.

If you use this for some sweets of nuts, it’s better to place some paper on the plate since it’s not washable.

It must be the great memorial plate of visiting Golden Pavilion in Kyoto.



★Date:May 6th&7th in 2017



Please reserve from here!! or Email to :

★Please reserve by May 5th.





★After the experience, you can join tea ceremony soon from 15:30★

If you would like to join short course(15-20 min), we can start from 15:00.(It’s 1000yen per person)

Please make a reservation from here!! 



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