Kyoto Sightseeing/Kimono【Tea Ceremony Experience KOTO】

Kyoto Sightseeing/Kimono【Tea Ceremony Experience KOTO】

About us

Do you think tea ceremony experiences are same anywhere in Japan?

Do you think tea ceremony experiences are same anywhere in Japan?

Hello, I’m an owner of Tea Ceremony Koto.

I really appreciate many foreign people visit us for their important trip in Kyoto.

Actually, I asked my customer why did you choose to come to KOTO while Kyoto city has some other English tea houses?

The result was almost same as I have expected, but a little disappointed. Because………



TOP 3 reasons customers decide to visit Tea Ceremony Koto 2017.2.



At the beginning, I would like to say big thank you for the guests who answer my questions at the end of the tea ceremony lessons.


★These were TOP 3 Reasons !★

1, High Reviews on Trip Advisor.

2,Location is great, just a 1 minute walk from Golden Pavilion

3, Price is acceptable.


★Other Opinions★

・”We did like to experience the whole process of the traditional tea ceremony.”

・Tea master have the licence for Urasenke.

For my opinion, I was grateful to hear these minor opinions because these 2 are what we would like to inform you at the most.

Our tea ceremony lesson is not just showing the way of tea.

If you are finding the cheapest one to see the showing, we are not suitable.

Here is the Tea house for beginners & tourists, but we offer all the guests to greet authentically in the tea ceremony.

If you would prefer to experience the deep Japanese culture by touching the traditional tea utensils, listening the nature, and tasting the green tea made in Uji Kyoto, we can offer the best lesson & tea ceremony for you.


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We change tea utensils every month!


Unfortunately, not many people had mentioned about this, but I did like to inform our tea ceremony represents beautiful seasons in Japan.

Since it’s not only for showing the way of tea, we change the tea utensils every month authentically.


The way of tea and utensils are not always the same in the year. It changes according to the seasons.

It’s always my pleasure that Japanese tourists from other prefectures who has the license of Uresenke tea master says they decided to visit Koto because we seem to try the best effort to prepare the authentic lesson in English.




Wearing Kimono & Ikebana lesson in the same house!



In addition, many people told me “Wearing Kimono & Tea Ceremony” plan had seemed attractive!

It’s convenient since you can wear kimono just before the tea ceremony in the same house.

Kimono is really popular here.

Ikebana lesson4

And Ikebana lesson is also available by the master who has the license of Misho ryu school!

The photo is my guests from China.


Let’s try Japanese cultures with 5 senses !

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