Kyoto Sightseeing/Kimono【Tea Ceremony Experience KOTO】

Kyoto Sightseeing/Kimono【Tea Ceremony Experience KOTO】


Koto Culture Salon☆ GENIUS TABLE in KYOTO held the special lunch time!

Koto Culture Salon☆ GENIUS TABLE in KYOTO held the special lunch time!

Koto Culture Salon is the 2nd floor of Tea Ceremony Koto, just a 1 minute walk from (Golden pavilion).  We plan to hold many kinds of Cultural classes such as tea ceremony, Ikebana, kimono wearing, yoga…etc any time.

For the people living in get together though cultural classes.

For foreign tourists and Japanese can exchange different cultures each other.

I’ve opened this KOTO  Culture Salon.

Today, GENIUS TABLE in KYOTO held their lunch time event here!


The Special lunch time with GENIUS & Kyoto citizen



GENIUS TABLE in KYOTO is the team of Kyoto university students. They hold the special lunch session for Kyoto citizen to communicate with GENIUS from foreign countries. Today’s genius was an associate professor Andrew Obermeier from Kyoto university of education.


They seem to talk about why Japanese traditional culture is fading gradually…how to inherit them..etc.

It looked very intellectual and interesting!  I recommend you to join their nice lunch time.

古都カルチャーサロン 床の間




The special tea ceremony after lunch!



In addition, they had experienced the Special !? tea ceremony after lunch.

I’m glad Mr. Obermeier also said he had enjoyed my tea ceremony here and another guest said my introduction about the history & manners of Cha-do in English was interesting.

GENIUS TABLE in KYOTO often hold this kind of special lunch time with foreign GENIUS teachers .

Since the number of the people who can join at once is small, we can talk in the good atmosphere with all the participants.

Genius tea ceremony

I’m looking for the teachers who would like to have the classes here. Not only Japanese traditional cultures such as tea ceremony, Ikebana etc, I welcome the small Coaching seminar or therapy as well.

Please enjoy the rare atmosphere which you can’t feel in the building.

Genius tea ceremony

If you are the artist or craftsman, I’d like to help you hold the small private exhibition here, just a 1 minute walk from Kinkakuji, the world heritage site in Japan.

I can serve matcha tea to your guests.

Please contact me:

Koto Culture Salon



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