Kyoto Sightseeing/Kimono【Tea Ceremony Experience KOTO】

Kyoto Sightseeing/Kimono【Tea Ceremony Experience KOTO】


Japanese traditional instrument “KOTO” experience in Kyoto Nishijin

Japanese traditional instrument “KOTO” experience in Kyoto Nishijin

Have you ever heard of the sightseeing experience of Japanese traditional instruments?

I guess it might be the only one experience in Kyoto.

Koto is the same sounds as my tea house, but the meaning (Chinese character) is different.

箏=Japanese traditional instrument played with 13 strings.

古都=the old capital of Japan

Please don’t miss this precious experience!


Listening to the elegant sounds of Koto.


soushunan_lesson7I sometimes listen to the Koto music in New Year party of Japanese flower arrangement, or seasonal festivals for shrines. I’ve just listen to the peaceful music in Hirano shrine near my tea house in September.

I always feel a little nostalgic hearing the sounds of traditional Koto.

In 90 minutes experience in Soushunan, we can listen to the music “Sakura”, which is one of the most popular Japanese folk song played by the professional Koto player, who has over 30 years experience.

Since she had played Koto for the concerts in foreign countries, she has taught many foreign students as well as Japanese beginners.


I’m sure it’ll be the precious experience to listen to “Sakura” played by her in the traditional Japanese house in Kyoto Nishijin with a small group.


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Let’s play Koto!  You can play “Sakura”.



Foreign students also enjoy playing Koto here.

If you are the player of piano or guitar, it may be much interesting to touch Japanese strings.

It sounds elegant and sometimes ephemeral.

Although the lesson is on tatami room basically, but you can use western chair if you ask by e-mail in advance.


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Soushunan Koto playing experience
time: 90 minutes
experience:Koto playing, listening to the music “Sakura” played by the professional teacher.
You can bring back  the score book.
Price:6,480yen/person(Max 8 people)
No special things to bring.
Address 〒602-8162   288-2,Higashi-shinmeicho,Kamigyo,Kyoto,JAPAN
TEL 075-801-4652
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