Kyoto Sightseeing/Kimono【Tea Ceremony Experience KOTO】

Kyoto Sightseeing/Kimono【Tea Ceremony Experience KOTO】


How to use Japanese coasters for tea ceremony at your western home?

How to use Japanese coasters for tea ceremony at your western home?

Japanese traditional cloth called “kobukusa” is used as the coasters for tea bowls, mats to deal with the important tea utensils very carefully, or sometimes we use them to cover the bill when we hand them to the reception.

How beautiful they are!


kobukusaIf you love Japanese kimono, I’m sure you like kobukusa design, too.

There are many patterns which came from east Asia or Japanese original pattern such as cherry blossoms, rabbits…etc. The authentic one is made from silk.




Japanese tea bowls on coasters.


autumn tea bowl in Kyoto

It’s ordinary style of Japanese tea bowl on tatami mat in a traditional tea room.

The autumn maple leaves and yello gingko leaves are described.


How about this?

It looks more gorgeous on the beautiful in the western room!

We usually don’t use kobukusa cloth for the tea ceremony of table & chair style, but we often use them for the outside tea ceremony(nodate).

the moon



It’ll take you to the elegant bar counter!



It’s not the traditional way, but how about using these beautiful clothes for western table ware? The guests might be surprised to see the rare coasters.

I’m sure it will promote their conversation!


Not only for the gorgeous restaurant or bar, but also we can use them at home party. Since it’s a little larger for the wine glasses, you may be able to put some small dishes for cakes or cookies.

kobukusa-and-a-glassThis red glass is made in Okinawa, the south of Japan.

We can enjoy the contrast of the colors.

If you like kimono design, It will be the good souvenir from Kyoto.

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