Kyoto Sightseeing/Kimono【Tea Ceremony Experience KOTO】

Kyoto Sightseeing/Kimono【Tea Ceremony Experience KOTO】

Japanese sweets

The way of tea “The moon” for September 15th.

The way of tea “The moon” for September 15th.

We Japanese love to watch the beautiful full moon in the middle of September every year. It is said that the most beautiful moon is on September 15th this year 2016.

We display Japanese silver grass, the dumplings etc to wish the harvest in autumn.

And tea masters and students remember the way of tea called “the moon” using the tea box around this season. We can do this way of tea everywhere!



 The way of tea “ the Moon”


the moon

It’s special feature for “The Moon” that using the wooden 4 boards tiding with (Kizue), and standing the bamboo tea whisk on the U-pin called “Uguisu”.

Opening the wooden boards, we place the tea utensils. I always imagine the moon reflecting on the quiet pond putting the tea bowl on it.



Now the powdered green tea is about to be served. The tea master will pick up the tea whisk from the U-pin, and start making the tea.

the moon





Delicious sweets for the full moon festival day


Japanese sweets for the full moon festival

Actually, the shape of the dumplings for watching the moon are different from Kyoto and Tokyo (Kansai and Kanto).

Tokyo way is more popular we often see in some pictures. They make small round white dumplings and display on the wooden plate used for offering to the god. On the other hand, it’s not small round in Kansai area. Since the full moon festival is called “the festival for Japanese taro” sometimes to wish harvest, the shape of the dumplings is similar to taro. Although it’s not often for the tea ceremony, but more like the sweets for daily life at home.


In addition, you might find sweets which shape is a pretty rabbit in September. Because we Japanese think a rabbit is living on the moon.

I’ve heard it is same as China.

the light of the moon

How about this Japanese cookie? This is also “the light of the moon” made by Kameyayoshinaga in front of the Kyoto city hall.






What’s the next step of “The Moon” ?


the moon

After the tea bowl returning back from the first guest, the host will clean the tea bowl with hot water and white cloth.

the moon

Turn the cover for tea whisk, the small box for white cloth, a tea bowl, and the portable candy box.

the moon

Inside the box.

tea box

At last, the host will fold the wooden boards and bring them back with the tea box.

the moon

If the owner of the hotel or guest houses ask me to come to have the tea ceremony, I will bring this tea box to show you the seasonal way of tea.

The way of tea using the tea box, we can do everywhere.

If you would like to try at home, let’s choose the best utensils and sweets for the season and please have a great time with your friends!

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