Kyoto Sightseeing/Kimono【Tea Ceremony Experience KOTO】

Kyoto Sightseeing/Kimono【Tea Ceremony Experience KOTO】

Temple & Shrine

Night walk in Kitanotenmangu shrine in Kyoto. Special Event till August 14th.

Night walk in Kitanotenmangu shrine in Kyoto. Special Event till August 14th.

The events in Kyoto are not only “Okuribi” at night August 16th.

We have the unique festival “Kyoto’s Tanabata” in the beginning of August.

Although Tanabata festival is usually July 7th, we Kyoto citizen sometimes enjoy every festivals one month later than other prefectures according to the Luna calendar, which is the more traditional way as the old capital of Japan.


In Kitanotenmangu shrine, we can see Tanabata illumination from August1st to 14th. Many people enjoy the night walk seeing the beautiful bamboo displayed with folding papers.



The special illumination for Tanabata Kyoto.


Kyoto Kitanotenmangu illumination

The illumination for Tanabata Kyoto is held in Kitanotenmangu shrine from August 1st 2016.

It is often said that better not to go to shrine or temples at night, but the days of the festival is the exception!

Everybody are allowed to walk at night.

Kyoto bamboo trees

I could hear the sounds of soft wind seeing the pretty decollations of Origami (folding paper) swinging on bamboo tree.

The time of the illumination is till 9pm.



The new stream in Kitanotenmangu shrine.


stream in the shrine

I remember maybe there isn’t such a beautiful space with bridge in February when I had visited the tea ceremony under plum blossoms here.

I was surprised to find the new stream called “mitarashi-gawa” in the shrine.

We couldn’t enter today, but it’ll be newly open from August 12th to 14th 2016.

The new event “touching the feet in the river” will be held.

It sounds interesting.

Illumination in Kyoto

Not only Kitanotenmangu shrine, but also we can see Tanabata illuminations for night walk along Horikawa street, Kamo-river, and many other shries and temples in Kyoto this week.


Please don’t miss this special scenery!

And please don’t forget to visit Tea Ceremony Koto during the day time!

bamboo tree

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