Kyoto Sightseeing/Kimono【Tea Ceremony Experience KOTO】

Kyoto Sightseeing/Kimono【Tea Ceremony Experience KOTO】

Japanese sweets

The top quality summer sweets in Kyoto “a drop of cool water”

The top quality summer sweets in Kyoto “a drop of cool water”

Murasakino Gensui is the small Japanese sweet shop near the word office of Kita-ku (north of Kyoto city). It’s on the path I used to walk every day for 9 years when I was a student.

Getting hotter in summer, people who love Japanese sweets remember the soft sweet bean jelly made by Murasakino Gensui for sure.

They have the 2 flavors, red beans and sesame. Both are not too sweet but like drinking delicious water.


The beautiful Japanese sweet shop, Murasakino Gensui



It is on the path I used to walk every day when I was an elementary school and a junior high school student.

Although I definitely remember there were a cake shop and old fashioned café near here in those days, I didn’t find what kind of shop Murasakino Gensui is when I was a child.

Since only 20yen was with me for the argent call using the public phone, I had never entered this beautiful sweet shop for 9 years as a student.

But its beautiful atmosphere always attracted me to remember even 15 years after the graduation.

Murasakino Genusi plants

When I saw the pretty flowers in front of the shop today, I missed my old days as the student. It was exactly the same scene I had seen for 9 years.





 A drop of cool water! ~red beans & sesame~


Ryo-itteki sweet bean jelly

Only hearing the name of the product, we Japanese are surely attracted in hot summer.

It’s in the small cups of leave green tea (Sencha or Gyokuro) to have just after cooling in the fridge.

A staff kindly taught me “you can serve this putting on the plate with desert spoon.”

The small plate made of grass looked nice for this sweet.

We tea masters love to choose the best dishes for the best season.


It wasn’t too sweet, but fresh and soft like drinking delicious water.

The flavor of red beans was sweeter than sesame.

Can you imagine the taste of sesame sweets? It was the first time for me to try. The little fragrance of sesame was the comfortable aroma on the sweets.

紫野源水 涼一滴

In addition, they both made from natural ingredients, wasanbon sugar, beans, agar and sesame without any food additives.



The cups we can use for leave green tea.


leave green tea

After having these sweets, we can use the cups for drinking green leave tea; Sencha or gyokuro.

Since it’s simple white cups, you may enjoy varieties of table settings.

Murasakino Gensui

Murasakino Gensui is also famous for the beautiful art confectionery of Sakura (cherry blossoms) limited in spring.

The colorful sweets “kohaku-kan” are also pretty.

紫野源水 琥珀寒.JPG

The fresh sweets for tea ceremony seemed also delicious. They were beautiful enough to know the high skills for the craft man.

Japanese fresh sweets

Murasakino Gensui

78−1Nishi O-no-cho Koyama Kita-ku Kyoto

TEL: 075-451-8857

Business hour:9:30~18:30

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