Kyoto Sightseeing/Kimono【Tea Ceremony Experience KOTO】

Kyoto Sightseeing/Kimono【Tea Ceremony Experience KOTO】


Walking through the loop made of straw, we can be healthy in the last half year!

Walking through the loop made of straw, we can be healthy in the last half year!

June 30th is the day to eat Minazuki made of sweet beans and rice cake!

The annual event called “Nagoshinoharae” are held in many shrines in Kyoto. It’s for warding off evils of the past half of this year and wish our health for the last half years from now on.

I have visited Kamigamo shrine in the north of Kyoto city this year.



The day of eating Minazuki!



Minazuki is the other name of “June” in the old Japanese word as well as the name of the sweet. It’s often used for the name of the bamboo tea scoop in the tea ceremony, too.

We are familiar with this casual sweet for the daily life, but it’s also the special sweets for June 30th.

At first, the triangle shape represents the ice served in the imperial palace in June 30th to spend the hot and humid Kyoto as comfortably as possible.

Second, the beans on the top are thought to have the power to protect us from the evils.





Going through the loop made of straw in June 30th


the loop made of straw in the shrine

Talking about the event of Nagoshinoharae, the main thing is going through the loop made of straw. If you visit shrines in Kyoto in June 30th, you will find this circle with high probability.

夏越の祓 スタート.JPG

In Kamigamo shrine, it started from 10:00am.

the even of June in Japanese shrine

First, the priests of the shrine wearing white kimono walk through the loop.

「水無月の夏越の祓をする人は 千歳の命のぶといふなり」

“If we walk through this circle in Minaduki (June), we can gain the 1000 year’s long life.”

夏越の祓 茅の輪くぐり2.JPG

Repeating the phrase silently in our mind, walk left, right and left of the circle.

The priests go first and Kyoto citizen follow them.




The special No- theater will be held at night tomorrow.


Japanese No- theater

I have noticed the special No- theater will be held tomorrow (July 1st) at Kamigamo shrine. Talking about No- theater outside, the most famous one is in Heian shrine in the beginning of June, but Kamigamo shrines looks also great. We can see No- theater under the light of firewood at night. It is really mysterious and whimsical.


I guess some people might go this event wearing yukata since it’s July tomorrow.

bamboo tree

Some bamboo trees were displayed for Tanabata festival in the shrine. The rectangle papers a lot of wishes were written are tagged on the tree.


It was first time for me to visit Kamigamo shrine in June 30th although I have lived in Kyoto since I was born.

Many people visit shrines in the New Year, but I think we can feel the sacred atmosphere more when it’s not so crowded.

Joining Nagoshinoharae event and seeing bamboo trees, I felt my heart purified.

Kamigamo shrine

Kamigamo shrine

339  Honzan Kamigamo Kita-ku Kyoto

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