Kyoto Sightseeing/Kimono【Tea Ceremony Experience KOTO】

Kyoto Sightseeing/Kimono【Tea Ceremony Experience KOTO】


The luxurious Japanese restaurant in Kyoto, where you can bring a baby as well.

The luxurious Japanese restaurant in Kyoto, where you can bring a baby as well.

Sho-zan resort in Kyoto Takagamine is near Kinkakuji, known as the beautiful maple leaves.

The famous artist, Ko-etsu Honami (1558-1637) opened the artist village here in Edo period, so we still be able to find some studio for dying or weaving.

In addition, there is a luxurious membership hotel, Tokyu Harvest and many restaurants. It is said that Aman resort is planning to open their hotel also.

Sho-zan is the hidden luxurious area in Kyoto!



Japanese restaurant surrounded by beautiful maple leaves, “Senjukaku”


green maple leaves

Senjukaku is a Japanese restaurant in Shozan-resort. Entering the gorgeous gate, a staff brought us to the 2nd floor, where we can see beautiful green maple leaves now.

It was the private room of traditional Japanese architecture


. The new air conditioner was hidden by the wooden lattice, the seasonal hanging scroll and flowers were displayed on the alcove.

I felt relax in the comfortable room.





Baby friendly & delicious Japanese meal


baby in a basket

Since Obon (around August 14-16) is the time for Japanese to spend with family, I brought my 5 month’ daughter together for lunch with my family. Sometimes it’s difficult to enter the traditional Japanese restaurant with a baby, but they were so friendly to us that I could enjoy luxurious lunch very much.

The small basket for a baby they had prepared for us was very helpful. Seeing the beautiful green leaves outside from the window, she could sleep peacefully during our lunch.

When she got up and started crying after the lunch, they were kind enough to help us make her milk.

If you come to Japan with a baby, I think it’ll be helpful to find such a nice Japanese restaurant. But please don’t forget to inform them you go with a baby when you make a reservation.


Japanese meal was also nice.

At the beginning, the tomato agar was served. It was cool and delicious in summer. I think it’s not traditional food, but the new idea to feel cooler in summer.

tomato agar


Japanese soup of Dashi with fish dumplings.

Dashi soup


Grilled Ayu (sweet fish)

grilled ayu


At last, watermelon jelly was also delicious.





 The nice walking path, Sho-zan resort




It’s too hot to bring baby outside in the middle of August in Kyoto, but now it’s the beautiful season to go for a walk under the green maple leaves. It’s not so crowded in Shozan whole in the year.

The nice walking area hearing the sound of Kamiya stream, seeing the fresh green and wildflowers.


Sho-zan Resort Kyoto

Kagamiishi-cho Kinugasa Kita-ku Kyoto

TEL: 075-491-5101(9:00〜19:00)




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