Kyoto Sightseeing/Kimono【Tea Ceremony Experience KOTO】

Kyoto Sightseeing/Kimono【Tea Ceremony Experience KOTO】


TO-FU Ice cream Maiko and Geiko near Kitanotenmangu love!

TO-FU Ice cream Maiko and Geiko near Kitanotenmangu love!

TO-FU CAFÉ Fujino is the western style café using Japanese To-fu, which is soy milk curdled by bittern.

Not only the traditional tofu and yuba lunch, but also the desert made of To-fu are very popular.

For example, To-fu ice cream, To-fu rare cheese cake, tofu mochi..and so on.



 To-fu ice cream!


Tofu ice cream

To-fu became a super popular food in Kyoto when I was an elementary school student about 20 years ago. Before that, to-fu was just tofu we often eat for lunch with soy sauce, but many kinds of foods and goods made from To-fu started being created.

For example, we only had vanilla white soft cream or sometimes chocolate or pink strawberry in those days, so everybody was surprised to hear “To-fu soft cream”. We Kyoto citizen curiously tried it and found it very delicious! My parents also had bought To-fu ice cream for us many times in summer when I and my brother were children.




Soap made from soy milk & Japanese cookies made from soy milk


soy milk soap

I found a soup made from soy milk with citron fragrance in the pretty box.

I’m not sure soy milk is effective for the healthy skin since I have not the specialist of cosmetics. But I was surprised to find it about 15-20 years ago. Now many cosmetics made from soy milk are very popular in Japan. It is said that soy milk is healthy and effective to keep beautiful skin.

soy milk cookies

Have you ever heard of cookies made from soy milk?

It tastes light and healthy. I bought a box for the souvenir.

The small chocolates boxes with paintings of Kyoto’s scenery are also pretty.

Maybe these boxes are made by Ohakoya I had found on Teramachi Street last year.




Maiko&Geiko near Kitanotenmangu shrine also love To-fu sweets!


Maiko fansThere were many round paper fans the names of Maiko &Geiko in the shop.

Maybe you can find these fans displayed in some café or bar or restaurants in Kyoto. It means, Maiko & Geiko sometimes come to the shop.

Japanese dumpling

We can have delicious deserts made of soy milk or Tofu in TOFU-CAFÉ.

It was first time for me to see Ohagi (a rice ball coated with sweetened red beans or soybean flour) with soy Bavarian cream in it. It’s the mixture of Japanese traditional mochi and new soy western sweets. Looks interesting!

I’m sorry I don’t have the picture, but I love their rare cheese cake made from soy milk as well. It sounds soft but actually, not too light. If you are interested in the new sweets, I recommend you to try it.


It’s just a 1 minute walk from Kitanotenmangu shrine, which has the famous open air market every 25th.



843-7 Kamiyagawa-cho Onmae-dori nishiiru Imakoji-dori Kamigyo-ku Kyoto


Business hour:10:00~18:00(Lunch 11:00~15:00,Cafe 17:00L.O.)


To-fu cafe in Japan

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