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Kyoto Sightseeing/Kimono【Tea Ceremony Experience KOTO】

Kyoto Sightseeing/Kimono【Tea Ceremony Experience KOTO】

Japanese sweets

The beautiful hydrangea made of agar!

The beautiful hydrangea made of agar!

My aunt living near subway Kuramaguchi station in Kyoto often buy sweets made by Ko-rakuya for my family.

I think tourists won’t visit this quiet residential area so often, but they sell beautiful Japanese sweets according to the seasons in very friendly price.



The hydrangea made of agar and white beans


hydrangea made of agar in Kyoto

I felt cooler in this morning after too hot days these few days. It was a little cloudy, which looked the rainy season will come soon in Kyoto. Once of the fun in the rainy season is looking the beautiful hydrangea in the garden.

In Kyoto, Fujinomori shrine in Sumizome station, Mimuroto temple in Uji, Yoshimine temple in also Uji..etc are famous temples for hydrangea.


The beautiful hydrangea made of blue and purple agar were displayed in the showcase today.  I felt time flies really fast because I had just seen the sweets shaped iris in the beginning of this month (May).

It’s more delicious to eat after cooling in the fridge in humid summer.




Warabi mochi (bracken starch dumpling)


warabimoochi and bean powder

The casual Warabi mochi is very popular in summer.

2 kinds of bracken starch dumplings are sold in Ko-rakuya.

This is the ordinary one with bean powder (kinako) in the square cup.


My relatives gave my family for the Buddhist memorial service for my grandfather who had passed away 7 years ago.

It’s a little luxury for me to have cooled Warabimochi after job recently.


Another one is called “elegant warabimochi” in the rectangle package. Since the bean paste is mixed in the bracken starch, it’s more black than the ordinary one. We can eat without bean powders.






 The elegant Japanese house for sweets “Ko-rakuya”

Japanese traditional house in Kyoto

Ko-rakuya is about 7 minutes’ walk to the east along Kuramaguchi street from subway Kuramaguchi station.

Their summer sweets called “Golden fish” made of agar is also very famous among tourists and Kyoto citizen.

Maybe next season, they will start making them.


I think not only golden fish but also their hydrangea was very beautiful.

purple hydrangea


285-59 Shin Goryo-guchi-cho Karasuma higashiiru Kuramaguchi-dori Kita-ku Kyoto

TEL: 075-231-3416

Business hour:9:00~20:00

Regular holiday:Sunday

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