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How to make Ice green tea (Matcha) in summer?

How to make Ice green tea (Matcha) in summer?

Even in the end of May, it’s very hot (over 30℃) in Kyoto now. I wonder what happen in the real summer in July and August, but some of my guests said they felt like roasted over the sun yesterday. Some people asked me “Do you have some cold drink here?” although we usually don’t have the menu of cold drink like café since we are the house for traditional tea ceremony.

But hearing that, I have made cold matcha as a trial.




 The Cold powdered green tea for summer!


First, just make ordinary hot matcha.

sieve tea

The important point is sieve powdered green tea as the preparation.

Powdered green tea : 2g

Water: 70-80cc

Please don’t use boiling water, but less hot one.

whisking matcha

And whisk quickly as possible until the fine froth come up on the surface.
cold matcha

At last, please put 3 small ice in it.

I think the taste will be better to put a little bit more powdered green tea than usual because the ice melts.





Lower temperature is better to make mild tea


tea bowl for summer

I made hot matcha at first than put ice in it this time, but some people don’t use hot water for summer matcha. I guess it’s a little difficult to whisk with cold water for the first experience people, but it’s true that the taste will be changed by the temperature of the water.

The bitterness won’t come up if we use cooler water.


It was also first time for me to make cold matcha since we drink hot powdered green tea even in summer. I felt sweetness more than usual for the ice matcha. I should call it not matcha, but “green tea” like casual café.




Flatter tea bowls for summer


powdered green tea and sweets

These are the flatter tea bowls only for summer to make tea cooler. Please don’t misunderstand that I mistook the size adjustments of the photo, but the authentic tea utensils to look cooler in summer.

Actually, it’s too early to use in May. We usually start using them from the middle of June.

Since it was too hot today, it made me feel like summer tea ceremony.

cold green tea

It looked beautiful by putting the ice than I’ve imagined.

We also have the flatter tea bowl made of glass, which seems much cooler in summer though I don’t use often in the traditional tea ceremony.


How about tea ceremony for ice green tea in summer at home casually?

Maybe I should create it.

Let’s choose the cooler tea utensils and enjoy summer tea!

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