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How to do tea ceremony outside?

How to do tea ceremony outside?

Do you have the tea ceremony outside as well?

Hello, I’m a master of Urasenke, one of the biggest tea school in Japan.

I welcomed over 3000 foreigners including the guests of the tea house I had worked for before I opened my tea house KOTO.

Today, one of my guest asked me how to do tea ceremony outside because it’s great season to go outside in Kyoto now.

The most casual way of tea outside. ”Ryakubon date”


pour the hot water

The way of tea the beginners learn first is called “Ryakubon date”. After leaning the way of folding the cloth “fukusa” to purify the tea utensils, and the way to use white cloth to wipe the tea bowls, we learn Ryakubon.

The necessary utensils are very simple. A tea bowl, a tea scoop, a tea whisk, a white cloth, a tea container, a container for used water, and a circle plate to put utensils. We need hot water in the iron kettle in the proper way, but you can use a western pot instead.




Tea set box for tea ceremony outside.


Japanese tea box

If you have tea ceremony in your garden or at the park, the tea set box is also very useful and pretty.

I had tea ceremony called “flower” in Sakura (cherry blossom) season.

In summer, it’ll be “a deutzia”. “Moon” in autumn and “snow” in winter.

Even using the same tea box, we have different way of teas according to the season.


You don’t need many tea bowls. After your guests drinking, just clean the tea bowl with hot water and wipe with a white cloth. Then, you can start making another bowl of tea again and again.



What’s the strange tea set in the waiting room?


tea set

My foreign guests always says it seems like their grandmother’s tea set.

As they say, they aren’t Japanese. I have chosen the western dishes as tea utensils for Christmas tea ceremony.

If it’s a casual tea ceremony at your home, you can arrange it like this.

My Japanese guests also loved this original idea.


For this month (May), it was Iris’s festival (boy’s festival). This way of tea is also Ryakubon, but the tea utensils are not the authentic ones but the casual things we usually use for our daily life.


I created Valentine’s tea ceremony also using a western box and cloth.


I recommend you to start from the basic way of tea using the authentic utensils, but after leaning, we can arrange in many ways at home.


If you are interested in Ryakubon way of tea, please contact to Tea Ceremony Koto.

Let’s enjoy tea ceremony feeling the fresh air outside!

green maple leaves

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