Kyoto Sightseeing/Kimono【Tea Ceremony Experience KOTO】

Kyoto Sightseeing/Kimono【Tea Ceremony Experience KOTO】

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Have a break with a bowl of Matcha tea on the bicycle tour in Kyoto!

Have a break with a bowl of Matcha tea on the bicycle tour in Kyoto!

It was hot like summer even in May in Kyoto today, Even such a hot and humid day, I see some foreign tourists often go around by bicycle. Today, one of my guests said he would go to Arashiyama, where is a little far to go by bicycle from Kinkakuji temple.

It seemed like samurai riding a horse.



The peaceful tea room beside the bicycle area of Kinkakuji temple


Tea Ceremony Koto

Since it’s surrounded by the big trees along the parking area of bicycles, the tea house KOTO is hidden.

It’s very easy to find for the customer who made a reservation in advance, but maybe many of passer-by won’t be able to find it.

Since it’s prohibited by Kyoto city, I can’t put a small sign on the load.

Tea Ceremony Koto

I hope more people notice it, but on the other hand, it’s quiet and peaceful tea room inside because of the trees along the parking area.

My gusts always say “Outside is busy but here is very peaceful”.






We are on Cycle Kyoto web site.


parking area for Kinkakuji

We are on the web site of Cycle Kyoto recently. They had the page about tea ceremony. Since KOTO is beside the parking area for the visitors of Kinkakuji seeing temple, it’s very useful to drop in after watching the golden World heritage site.

One of my guests said she got the energy by Matcha (powdered green tea), it was delicious! And she went to the next place by bicycle.


One of my guests recommended my tea house to his cycling friends(?!) soon, then another group visited here.

I was very glad to hear such a nice review voice.





 Tea Ceremony Short course is useful to have a break.


tea bowl for summer

I have a menu of “Tea Ceremony Short course” when I have no other reservations now. It’s just \1000, and guests will watch the traditional way of tea and have sweets although it doesn’t include the specific explanations or experience to make powdered green tea by their self. I think it’s useful plan to have a short break in a traditional Japanese way.

(please notice we can’t accept short course when our schedule is fully booked.)


It’s cool inside even in summer because I have the new air conditioner in an old Japanese house.

How about drop in to have a short break in a traditional tea room like Samurai period?

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