Kyoto Sightseeing/Kimono【Tea Ceremony Experience KOTO】

Kyoto Sightseeing/Kimono【Tea Ceremony Experience KOTO】

Tea Ceremony

The casual tea ceremony for Iris’ festival in Japan. You can do it at home!

The casual tea ceremony for Iris’ festival in Japan. You can do it at home!

Many of Japanese start holidays called “Golden week” from today, April 29th while I work or sometimes have a break whether it’s public holidays or not.

I forgot this Friday is the public holiday.

I have been writing the series of “tea ceremony you can do it at home!” for each seasonal Japanese festival in this blog, so I’ll introduce the Iris’s tea ceremony you can do it at home today.


Select ordinary dishes as tea utensils


Casual tea ceremony at home

I chose the pottery and metal plate made by Kai and Ren of Gallery & Guesthouse PolarSta near my house.

Please prepare a circle plate, a tea bowl, a tea whisk, a tea scoop, a tea container,  a white cloth to wipe the tea bowl, and hot water in the little pot.

You can start the way of tea without big iron kettle or bamboo ladle. You can have tea ceremony anywhere you like on the table or outside as well as on tatami.

The tea container and a tea bowl, and a wooden circle plate are not special tea utensils, but the things we use for the daily life. The tea container is just a container for the spice in reality.

I chose the curved tea bowl for this wooden perfect circle plate. Japanese tea masters tend to use non-perfect shape like this in the tea room. What we call simple beauty, primitive beauty or non-perfect beauty.


Kashiwamochi and Japanese cookies made of rice powder on the metal plate


kashiwa rice cake

How about preparing some seasonal sweets and have tea ceremony with your family on the holiday?


The main sweet is Kashiwamochi, a rice cake wrapped in an oak leaf.

It was made by Kintoki, a rice cake shop in Senbon Imadegawa Kyoto. It’s more casual sweets shop we often buy for the daily life than the confectionary shop for tea ceremony

Iris's tea ceremony in May

Japanese cookies (dried sweets) are put on the metal plate made by the metal craftsman Ren. It looks great in the hot and humid season, isn’t it?

The white and purple flowers are iris which is the symbol of the boy’s festival in May 5th in Japan.




Let’s choose the refreshing color for May.


casual tea bowl

I selected the tea bowl of pale rainbow color today.

Although they are not the special tea utensils, this wooden plate and rainbow color represents the season for fresh green leaves in May. We often use modest dark color for tea ceremony (Wabi-cha), but I like the refreshing color, too.

green maple leaves

You can do this way of tea both on the table and tatami room. Let’s try it with friends and family at home!

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