Kyoto Sightseeing/Kimono【Tea Ceremony Experience KOTO】

Kyoto Sightseeing/Kimono【Tea Ceremony Experience KOTO】

Japanese sweets

Effective for your skin! Japanese sweets made from wheat gluten.

Effective for your skin! Japanese sweets made from wheat gluten.

“Fumanju” is the healthy sweat made from wheat gluten wrapped by bamboo leaves we often have for Japanese traditional meal or lunch box. It’s much more healthier and lighter than rice cake or dumplings made of sweet beans.

“Fu-ka” is the shop for this rare dumpling in Kyoto.



Very nutritious and healthy food!



“Fu” means the food made of wheat gluten. Manju means dumplings. Fumanju is the fresh soft “fu” wrapped by bamboo leaves, so it smells fresh green. We usually keep it in the fridge to keep it cooler.

Fu is used not only for sweats but also for Japanese meal. Fresh fu is also used in the traditional Japanese cuisine in the restaurants with miso paste.

But talking about dried fu, it’s so cheaper than fresh fu that we often put them in miso soup at home.

It is made from vegetable proteins, which are the important food as well as beans for vegetarian people. It has low calories while it contains much protein. It’s really useful food when you are on a diet, isn’t it? Fresh “fu” keeps you longer lick rice cake although dried fu is too light like crouton.

In addition, it contains the kind of the amino acid called proline which is said to be effective for the skin regeneration. It helps making collagen.


It has many merits to eat!

I don’t buy fresh fu so often because it’s a little bit expensive for the daily dish, but dried fu is cheaper and easy to cook. Just putting in miso soup in the morning, we can gain nutrition.




It looks curious at once, but delicious!


fu dumpling

We can’t know what it is made from by one looking. I didn’t know what it is when I was a child, but loved its tastes and cute shapes like flowers or maple leaves in Japanese lunch box. I sometimes picked them from my parents’ lunch box and ate. Now I often choose fresh fu with miso paste when I found them on the menu in the restaurants.

fu manju with sake

This is the menu of Ozu Kyoto maison du sake. We can eat fresh fu manju with sake (Japanese wine made of rice).

Some foreign people say it’s sticky or too traditional while some people say it’s delicious. I guess fu looks kind of curious food for foreigners. Please don’t worry. It’s made of wheat gluten. Healthy food.



Fu-ka is the traditional shop for “fu” food


The shop for fu is called “Fu-ka” which is in the quiet residential area near the prefecture office in Kyoto. We can find pretty face on the shop curtain.

We can buy the set of fu-manju here. It’s easy to eat even when I have no appetite.

If you would like to eat in the shop, we need reservation.

Japanese fu shop

Fu-ka (main store)

Kita-iru Sawaragi-cho Nishinotoin Kamigyo-ku Kyoto

TEL: 075-231-1584

Business hour 9:00~17:00

Regular holiday: Monday

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